Thursday, May 24, 2018

Three Interesting Things

1.  The journalists at a local high school dug into the background of who the Montgomery County Schools are named after, and in particular, how many owned slaves. 
2.  Kilauea is erupting on the big island of Hawaii, which has created a number of interesting things.  Many tourists and even cruise ships assume the whole island is on fire, and there is an intriguing public reaction that something should be done, that I don't seem to find with things like hurricanes or earthquakes.  This interview talks a little about the perspective of some that, well, essentially, volcanoes gonna volcano.  And Pele will do her thing. 
3. For local folks there's an initiative on the ballot in June about the minimum wage for tipped workers.  This City Paper piece sums up many of the arguments for and against. Two of the podcasts in m rotation have covered tipping, including talking to Danny Meyer.  Freakanomics and the Sporkful.  I'm still reading up.  It will clearly affect prices anywhere tips are considered part of the equation, but I'm not convinced that should the primary concern.