Tuesday, May 01, 2018

7 Posts: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Josh and Hector

There was an interesting progression with Josh and Hector in season 3.  In season 1, Josh was back from New York, back with Valencia, back at a job he didn't like.  And then, he got his dream job at Aloha selling electronics, moved in with Valencia, and then well, the relationship stuff changed around a bit, but in some ways, Josh seemed to have found the correct path.  Meanwhile Hector lived at home with his mom, said it was fine since she was his best friend, and they had a relationship podcast together.  Hector and Heather began dating and it honestly seemed like that might be shortlived.  Heather is pretty unsparing in her assessment of people's choices, and yet, they now seem incredibly suited.  Hector is so incredibly steady that he isn't insulted by Heather's truthiness.  Meanwhile Josh, on probation from Aloha, then bounced from job to job, and now without a girlfriend to live with or a steady income had moved back home.  Josh's parents were not excited for him to live with them.  And so, when Josh's mom kicked him out, and he bonded a little more tightly with Hector's mom, Hector realized that it was strange watching his mom bond so tightly with his friend and maybe he was ready to move in with his girlfriend.  
And Hector was great with Heather through her surrogate pregnancy, and now, something that seemed like a shortlived relationship now looks like the most obvious thing.  Meanwhile Josh is still job hopping, and now living with Hector's mom.  So, Hector has progressed forward and Josh has backslid.