Thursday, March 29, 2018

Three Interesting Things

1. More states are working to include tampons and period related supplies as health items (rather than beauty, etc) which exempts them from sales tax
2. I have not yet watched "Rise" even though it is a show about singing that involves a main character who is played by an actress of Pacific Islander heritage (aka this should be so far in my wheelhouse) but I heard it took a bit to gain footing, and well, this may be part of it, as it looks how the lead adult is that guy who thinks he's a great ally...and isn't.  
3. A Muslim focused sex ed group has started.  One of the things they specifically mentioned is for those who are strictly observant, these bodily things don't need shame attached.  We tend to confuse sexual modesty with never talking about having bodies at all, and that helps no one.