Thursday, March 16, 2017

Three Interesting Things

1. NPR had access to the cast album from "Come From Away" (which I did not manage to get tickets to during it's DC run, and yes, I am still a little sad about that, thanks for asking), prior to it's release (it is now out and likely available on your favorite music service) and Playbill had footage of the cast recording of the song about actual real life female pilot Beverly Bass which is hopeful and, erm heartbreaking.
2. I am not thrilled to learn that US Soccer has made standing during the anthem a rule.  I wonder if being present during the anthem is also a rule for players.  And look, this is a small thing, and sure, there are rules in my job about where and when I have to be places, but legislating false patriotism is just unnecessary in my opinion, and honestly the anthem, and the flag (which is the part we're supposed to be honoring) are not made stronger by requiring that people pretend their aren't problems.  And I'm still way more irritated by flags left up in the rain. 
3. We're getting bodega cats!  The Humane Rescue Alliance has launched a program focused on cats who are not necessarily snuggly but great at deterring rodents for homeowners and businesses who have been having rodent issues.