Thursday, March 02, 2017

Three Interesting Things

1. I recently had a discussion with some folks about the twins who had different dads, and someone said, there's actually a theory that more fraternal twins might be fertilized at different times (usually close together though) and it's simply that in most cases, it's the same person providing sperm, so who would know.  Anyway, that conversation was brought back to me by this article about superfetation - which is more common in other mammals - but can happen in humans where the body just doesn't turn off the we're pregnant no new eggs stuff, and you can in fact get pregnant again while pregnant.  Super rare, but possible. 
2. DC has a third grader up for nomination in the Goodle Doodle competition
3. This story on a children's author who was detained on her arrival into the US to be the keynote speaker at a conference is a reminder that we don't have to deport people to make visiting us really, really uncomfortable.