Friday, March 10, 2017

Let's Talk "Powerless"

"Powerless" apparently went through some production changes, and well, I don't know what the show looked like before, but I like what I see now. I think it's making excellent use of it's cast, and using a fun twist to make what is an office comedy.  "Powerless" takes place in Charm City, and the employees are working for a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises (a business you may have heard of before) focusing on creating products for use by people who live in cities where sueperhero/supervillian fights mean your commute was delayed, or there's falling rubble to deal with.  Sure, at it's heart perky newcomer to the office butts up against less competent than he thinks he is boss, and sardonic but competent fellow employees and team members isn't unusual, but the superhero adjacent twist gives it enough.  This show is fun.  I am a person who has watched every iteration of "High School Musical" and still thinks Vanessa Hudgens has a narrowly specific talent.  (This is not a knock, lots of actors have narrow lanes, the trick is recognizing how best to make use of it.) And this works well, I believe her as the perky new manager with great ideas about energizing her new team, who is slowly coming up against the realities of large corporate structures.  
Alan Tudyk, Danny Pudi, Ron Funches, and Christina Kirk are all great too.  The disclaimer I should perhaps offer is that I am pretty so-so about most superhero shows (they should sing for me more, I'm just saying) so people tuning in for more superhero stuff, probably won't like this.  People who wish "The Flash" just did a whole episode with Cisco and Caitlin chit chatting as they solved a problem might find this up their alley.  
So far episodes on doing things like creating rubble umbrellas, or dating when the dating pool is full of henchmen have provided enough of a superhero slant for me.