Thursday, June 11, 2015

Three Interesting Things

1. The performance from the "Fun Home" cast right garnered a lot of attention at the Tonys, but here is Tony winner Ruthie Ann Miles showing why she won. 
2. A woman is kinda sorta suing ebay over sun ownership.  Yeah, that sun. 
3. So, if someone else makes a plane reservation for you and gets your name a smidge wrong, it might actually be cheaper to change your name, than to get the ticket changed.  Or so one man found. (This is also the first instance I have encountered of amusing social media names being taken seriously. It's likely not the first.  But at one point my FB feed included a Panda, a Pirate Dash, and a Fluttershy. These were names they answered to, but probably not a name you would be able to fly under.)