Monday, June 15, 2015

Friends from the Internet

I think we have primarily progressed beyond the whole gatherings with friends from the internet are weird thing, but since my weekend garnered some new ones, let's talk about this. 
Now, first, I think we have to factor in that some things are simply facilitated more easily from the internet, so, in the pre-internet days (for those of us who can remember that far back) some meetings like knitting groups or book clubs, might have been found through postings on, well, actual bulletin boards in the library, or other gathering places.  I don't mean to speak for all bulletin boards, but I think the internet has allowed for ever more niche groups.  One might not have posted or attended a group about jam or a particular type of backpack or something else, the way one might have for movie fans or fans of a particular band. 
And certainly, shows like "Catfish" exist for a reason.  People from the internet are nether more or less likely to attempt to deceive you, which is at best an average bar.  (It might be low.) But they can also turn out to be great friends who get your love of books, understand your interest in the squishiness of yarn, or maybe, just want to hang out and talk about all the things they've bought from a certain site.  As Yarn Harlot often says, you wouldn't be caught dead with some of these people without yarn, and that's true to.  These niche interests, can in fact expand your world in fascinating ways.  They won't all turn into lifelong friendships, but some of them may.  And at least, you had a fun time talking with folks who get you in this one respect.