Monday, June 01, 2015

Secret Drinking Buddies

I recognize that one's internet self is not always representative of one's - I hesitate to say true - let's say entire self. It can in some ways, be like being a radio DJ* in that one takes on this persona and it may vary in different parts of the internet, heck one may even have multiple noms de internet. (I once had a friend, to whom I had sent a letter**, say that I sounded like myself when I wrote letters.)
So, my point is that I recognize that knowing someone on the internet - either because you read their blog or hang out with them in chat rooms or message boards - is not the same as having met them in person, it gives one the sense that one sort of has an idea about someone. 
So, there are people*** who I know on the internet, and feel that should we really get a good opportunity to know each other, we would be drinking buddies. There are also people who I "know" from reality shows that I think this about too.  So, I like to think of these people as my secret drinking buddies.  Secret for many reasons.  One, because I am not going to say who they are.  Nor I am delusional enough to be attempting to actually stalk them on the off chance that we land in some sort of coffee shop or bar together and discover that we really are just meant to be friends. (Yes, I feel I should clarify, I believe I would be friends with these people, not anything more, although yes you could argue I have already jumped from drinking buddies to friends with these people who do not (really) know who I am.)
So, it is such a secret that it is secret from these people (which, yes, does infringe on our ability to imbibe together).  But I have found this does not infringe on my ability to remain certain, that we would in fact be great drinking buddies.

*Or, so I imagine, since I've never done that.
**I know.  I'm old.
***No, I will not say who.