Monday, May 04, 2015

Maryland Sheep and Wool 2015

A group of us headed up to Maryland Sheep and Wool on Saturday. I have thoughts about Saturday visits to the Festival. (The crazy people go on Saturday.  Sunday is so much more calm.  But one of our group had to head out of town Sunday, so Saturday it was.)  We arrived about lunchish and did not go straight for food, figuring everyone else would do that and, well, I can't imagine ever going Saturday again but I need to eat sooner or pack more snacks if I'm going to do that. Everything took longer on Saturday (seriously, in the same amount of time were were there Saturday I can usually, hit all my favorite booths, and check in on some others we wander past, get food, and find a nice spot on the grass to enjoy the weather and knit.)  It was mostly just the numbers game, because more people come on Saturday, you have to park in the overflow (If you are not there as it opens, which no) and so it took longer to get to the festival, and then there are more people milling about and while we missed most of the really crazy lines there were simply more people to navigate past and around everywhere we went.
Now don't get me wrong, it was still totally worth it and a lovely visit, and since we got there in the pm side, none of the lines were outrageous.  I came home with a wee bit more than I had planned, but I regret nothing.  It is all squishy and lovely and I want to knit it all now.  Also, saw quite a few new vendors this year, including Buffalo Wool (who I am used to visiting at the Holiday Market, so seeing them here in May was fun). 
And it was a day spent with people who understood the squishing and the petting of things sheepy (or buffalo, or cotton, or yak).