Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mad Max

I did not think I was the target audience for "Mad Max: Fury Road".  I have seen one possibly part of two of the prior Mad Max movies and while they are fine, I don't have any particular attachment to them.  I have reached a certain level of ennui with dystopians in general. While the actors seemed lovely for this, there was no one that tipped me into needing to see this.  The clips I had seen were not particularly intriguing.  And then, people I know, in real life and on the internet all went collectively cuckoo for it, saying that not only was it fun and something that made some men's rights people mad, it was actually, feminist.  And I can't even tell you what tipped me over, I don't see every feminist movie, I don't see every fun action movie, but suddenly I had tipped from a person who was happy this movie was out there in the ether, to a person who was going to see this movie.  Okay, I can't say for sure, but reading this post about Charlize Theron's amazing, and oh yeah, disabled character helped some.
If dystopians aren't for you, it is still dystopian.  I have paid little attention to whether this is supposed to be the same Mad Max or some other dude named Max* who also lives in this futuristic desert world, but in the end, I enjoyed it.  Not sure it bears multiple rewatches, but it was fun, things blew up, and there were females, toting guns, wielding chains, and generally acting like people.  There were guys too.  There's still more men in this movie than women.  There's still more white people in this movie than non-white.  And while I did do some tiny internal cheers at some choices they didn't make (all of which would have been boring, I'm a girl so rifles are heavy type choices) the fact that the characters in this movie all have, well, character actually says more about other action movies than it does about this one.  But it was fun.  If you want to watch stuff blow up while competent people try to reach their destination, this movie is a great choice.
*Later internet readings have indicated it is same dude. So, sure.