Wednesday, May 27, 2015

7 Things: Sing It On

I have watched the first two episodes of "Sing It On" and I adore it.  So, this follows five college a cappella groups as they compete in the ICCA's.  Most people when I say this, go, so like "Pitch Perfect", which yes.  Although college a cappella groups, even ones that are big into the competitive side, often do other things, performing at parties and events, and while so far there have been tiny glimpses of some of these things, the focus here is the competition which is fine. 
A couple of notes. 
1. If you don't like a cappella, or singing, well, not sure why you're still reading.  (Kidding, love you!) But nothing about this will turn the tide for you. 
2. These college folk have all clearly been briefed on the appropriate competitive reality jargon.  The one notable exception, is that they are all there to make friends, because everyone loves everyone in their a cappella team the mostest (except when they don't).
3. The second episode in particular leaned hard on the put-aca-in-front-of-a-word thing.  It's hard to say if they are being coached to do so, or if it's a natural evolution of a thing folks squarely in the "Pitch Perfect" target audience might have naturally started to do.  But, probably don't put that on your drinking game or anything, for safety's sake.
4.  While the rise of musical television has brought more singing to my TV, one of the things I like is seeing people rehearse and occasionally not sound great.  Or the difference in three soloists interpretations of a piece.  Or people rehearsing in a classroom or hallway that sounds like a classroom or hallway. 
5.  Different people process pre and post performance differently, and that's normal and valid (and honestly true of many other things). 
6. Two sets of the teams are at the same university (which is to say five teams representing three universities) which also offers a glimpse into some inter-group interaction.
7. There was an argument about a pitch pipe.  Seriously, these are my people.