Monday, November 17, 2014

If we all spoke like press conferencing QBs

Quarterbacks present and former often talk about the balance, that quarterbacks receive a disproportionate amount of attention, and since on winning days that often means accolades, since on paycheck days that means money, that therefore means it's fair (and very politic since you want those nice people in front of you to keep those opposing team members away) to also take a lot of blame when things go wrong, and to share a lot of credit when things go well. 
One of my favorite moments in "Bull Durham" is the five things you will need to handle every press conference ever lesson.  But, I was watching a post-game interview and wondered, what if we all adopted this philosophy.  What if, when things went well at work, we were all quick to spread the kudos around to our supporting team members?  What if, when things went badly we accepted blame and promised to work on working better with our team in the future?  I know, it would never happen.  But, it would be awesome if it did.