Monday, November 10, 2014

7 Reasons I should hate Serial

1. I stumbled onto Serial early because I like "This American Life" and when those people tell me we're doing another podcast, I listen.  I immediately realized this was my kind of jam, but started to hoard the episodes, intentionally staying behind.  (This is a weird mental trick I play.  Like putting down a great book when you have only a smidge left because you want to extend the time you are still in that world.)
2. Because I lack patience people.  I don't read serial books until all the pieces are out.  I realize that many TV shows with arcing dramas do this too, and you know what, I usually end up hoarding those too, watching them in small bursts knowing if something super argh-y happens in one, I already have the next available. 
3. I like knowing how much is left.  Seriously, I have abandoned reading apps and apparatus because it wouldn't tell me how far along it was. I usually know which TV shows have short seasons, how many books are planned for the series.  I totally get that the idea of a long form podcast where the story takes what it takes, but what does it take?  Ack.  Seriously, this is why serial books I end up reading after the whole thing is out, if I wanted to consume something that might be yanked away from me, I'd watch low rated quality TV - oh wait. 
4. I like conclusive endings.  This is why I read romance.  And mystery.  Something will get fixed.  Maybe not everything.  But something.  Serial is quite intentionally not promising a clear ending, particularly this first season where they are looking into a crime.  They may or may not figure out what really happened.  And yes, the process is very fascinating to me.  But, what if they never know?  (This, btw, is reason number 6 why I'm not a cop.  For reals.)
5. I like fictional justice. This is why I read romance.  And mystery.  Maybe the bad folks get away (this time).  Maybe that jerk turned out to be a cheating scumbag, but at least one thing will be resolved. 
6. I like real justice too.   I go to my entertainment for escape.  The real word is messy and complicated and justice can take a ridiculously long amount of time.  Most of my podcasts are about pop culture.  Even things like "Snap Judgement" and "This American Life" are often looking at deep stuff, but this story, this slice of life gets wrapped up within that episode.
7. It does not affect me but oh, either way it's already clear there are things, missteps, misunderstandings, misdirections and possibly minor miscarriages of justice. One of the things I find interesting is the layers of what the police knew, what the lawyers knew, what the jurors were told, and what we may or may not be able to find now.  But, whether they find a clarifying piece of information or not, it is heartbreaking.  A girl died.  The murderer may or may not be in prison. This doesn't really have a happy ending.