Monday, November 03, 2014

7 Things: The NaNo Edition

1. Write. 
2. Write early, write often.  Figure out what the best time of day is for you.  It may not be what you think.  It may not be the same time every day.  Experiment.
3. If you're stuck go for a walk. 
4. If writing this much is more than you normally do, some things will slide this month.  Make sure they aren't the things you need to still be functional be it time with friends or family, exercise, food, knitting.  Make time - even a few minutes here or there - for things that keep you whole.
5. Use tips or tricks, but don't get stuck on them.  If having a bar of chocolate helps you write, awesome.  Don't let getting a new bar of chocolate eat up all your writing time that day. 
6. Go to NaNo events.  Seriously, having other people who get the particular brand of crazy you are currently engaged in, is invaluable. 
7. Win, lose, did you write more?  Was it great?  That's what you were after.