Thursday, January 23, 2014

Three Interesting Things

1. Because I always like it when I can point to proof that I was good for my siblings, (and sure, vice versa, somewhat) I enjoyed this article showing that having sisters can make you happier
2. Is your country experiencing a crime surge.  It might be all those soap operas.  At least, that's what the Venezuelan president said.  It's probably a miracle I haven't turned to trying to sell my sister on the black market.  (Points if you remember that storyline.) 
3. A neighbor of mine had mentioned that one of our building employees had told her that generally, when the alarm goes off, if you can't see smoke in your immediate area, you probably don't need to evacuate, because it's a sturdy building and he'd never seen the fire spread.  (To say nothing of a brief period of lots of false alarms.)  Well, it turns out that was pretty good advice.  There are obviously exceptions, but generally, tall buildings are often designed to prevent fire spread and you may run to the fire in trying to evacuate.