Thursday, January 02, 2014

Three Interesting Things

Welcome to 2014! Unless of course you are reading this at or from some other time. 
1. I remember seeing some story about a celebrity who had given their child what the journalist was calling a long name and chuckling a bit. While my siblings and I have short first names, a number of my family members on the Hawaiian side have long names.  (Yes, much like German, the Hawaiian language lends itself well to compound words.)  So, it does not surprise me that Hawaii was where a woman has been petitioning to get more space for the name on a driver's license.  Her name was getting truncated which was causing hassle when traveling and such.  So, I imagine she and many others will be making use of those extra characters. 
2. It's rare that you hear a story of a takedown notice that's so, um, amusing, but this guy who sent a $6 check is certainly keeping a good attitude about it all.
3. And with the help of Google Earth, a man finds his mother 25 years later.