Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thee Interesting Things

1. I always like to see stories about the internet bring positive change. This story about a non-surgical solution for clubfoot that hadn't only gotten minimal support from the medical community despite it's success ratio until parents on the internet were able to share is a great example of that. 
2. The storm that smacked parts of the south this week has been much discussed, but I want to take a moment to send appreciation for neighbors who checked on pets whose owners were stuck somewhere else; teachers and school staff who waited for the last kid to get picked up, even if that wasn't until after school the next day; stores who offered stranded travelers a place to nap, even if it was on the floor next to the hair products; and medical staff who walked to work so that patients could be attended to.  And those are just the stories that made the news or social media that I watch.  I'm sure there are many more acts of kindness. 
3. And speaking of stories I love, a nine year-old girl who is hearing-impaired wrote a fan letter to Seattle Seahawk Derrick Coleman about how seeing the ad about the people who doubted he could become an NFL player since he is hearing-impaired (which - this is one of my favorite bits of football trivia, but let me just point out the huddle is widely believed to have originated at Galludet so that deaf players could conceal their signing from the opposing team).  Well, not only did her dad's tweeting the letter bring it wide attention, but she and her twin got a chance to meet Coleman, and he may have offered the whole family tickets to the Superbowl.