Monday, October 21, 2013

Dear Project Runway

Oh such happiness.  Not just with the final result - although that too! - but with the final shows.  I have whined for years that so many of the final shows, even from designers whose work I liked all through the season lack oomph.  There were some standouts, and certainly I recognize that a great designer cannot always be measured by what they put together in six weeks.  But this, oh I would have been happy with almost any winner and that I have pretty much never been able to say. 
And so, all I really have to say to the designers is go forth and keep doing great stuff.  Really.  Please continue on.  Whether you won the giant prize pack of candles and ice cream* or not. Please keep making things. 
Thanks for what ended up being a really great season, in spite of the stupid outbursts of some of the designers. 

*Not the actual prizes