Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dear Project Runway

Have I mentioned that the Tim visits are my favoritest bit.  Pretty much always.  So, Tim had five visits.  Dom was a little behind, Braden seemed to, well, be channeling what a lot of people did for the Belk challenge, Helen was so cocky it led Tim to ask her family if she was always this mix of cocky and giant ball of doubt, Justin's family was lovely, and Alexandria took Tim to the camp and showed the dolls based on the show which were all awesome.  Seriously. 
And then the not guaranteed three got to show three looks.  Alexandria amusingly when asked what color she had in the collection referenced white, gray, taupe, and well, so all neutrals.  Justin pretty much secured a spot with his test tube dress.  (I have seen some rumblings across the web that the dress made of, well, test tubes, was not really wearable.  I will argue that I took the judges to mean that by wearable they meant from across the room it would look like a dress, not that wandering about the city in an outfit made of glass was practical.)  And Helen went nutso with the cape idea and the judges were even less pleased when they got a close up look. 
I'm hoping Justin has time to address the apparent construction issues he had in some of his looks, and I hope that Dom's collection is as awesome as I suspect, and, well, I'm hoping Braden's looks better than I suspect.  Looking forward to the final finale.