Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Votery McVoting

So, I posted five reasons not to vote, way back when, so let's do five reasons to vote for this year.
1. It's really not that hard.  (The voting part.  The research part, the endless ads, the robo-calls, those are harder.)
2. Then you get to complain.  Yes, voting is secret like, so sure, you could tell people you voted and then go complain, but if you do, I hope you feel guilty the entire time. 
3. There are many things on that ballot of yours.  I mean, I assume.  In DC, we've got city council folks, school board folks, neighborhood commission folks, shadow senators and representatives, regular representative, and three possible charter amendments.  There are guides everywhere.  You probably got one in the mail.  Reading is obviously not required, but how else will you know who uses stupid grammar or fake words in their platform statement?  (What?  I can't be the only grammar snob.)
4. People will tell you your vote doesn't matter. First, it does.  Second, this is having your say.  Don't you like doing that? 
5. Votes matter even when the end result does not turn out as you wished.  You still had your say.  You can continue in that vein by contacting your new (or renewed) elected officials or not.  But trust me, they know what their margin looked like.