Wednesday, November 21, 2012

TBR Challenge 2012: November

Remember when I remembered to look at the theme?  Yeah, so anyway, went for another Harlequin Desire.  (Yes, I do have quite a stash of them.) Day Leclaire's Nothing Short of Perfect is one of those stories that's hard to describe without it sounding crazier than it is.  So, back in the day, Justice St. John (such a name) got placed in a foster home with Daisy.  They were teens, there were sparks and then one day he left without a word. 
And then, he went on to become this brilliant engineer and was all happy living with no one but his agoraphobic uncle until a car accident had him realizing that he had no one that the hospital could call.  It also marginally scrambled his brain.  So, he decided it was time for a wife and had his uncle run a program to find him one at an engineering conference. 
At the conference he bumps into Daisy and sparks fly until he unscrambles his brain well enough to remember how they know each other and that he's mad at her and so he returns to his engineering lair. Until, dun dun dun, Daisy, her housekeeper, her computer hacker of a foster daughter and, oh yeah, the secret baby that resulted from their conference hookup show up at his door. 
I know, it sounds a little nuts.  And it was a little nuts, but I do enjoy a good personality jumble of a story and this one worked well.