Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DC, Represent!

So, a while back there was this thing.  I think they call it a debate.  So, I was searching for alternative programming and landed on a "Chopped" marathon. There were firefighters and chefs and non-profit groups.  I have to tell you, that while I like the normal "Chopped" format a lot, some of their special category contestant episodes have been really good.  The lunch lady (they were, in this case, all ladies)  episode was amazing.  So, I had high hopes for the non-profit chefs one, especially when I saw there was a chef from DC's own Capital Area Food Bank, a charity I am fond of.  (Food.  I think everyone should have food.  So.)  And, well, you should keep an eye out, if you missed it.  Food network tends to run them in blocks so you can usually hunt one up.  (Although I still have to find the teen chef episode that I heard was really good.) Also, they are available on things like Hulu, if you're into that.  And, if you want to know how it ends, well, I think the title of this DCist interview with Chef Lichaa might clue you in.