Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Pets Have Long Memories

For some things, at least. 
One year my family gather for Thanksgiving and my cat discovered (as many pets have) that sitting next to my sister's chair led to being snuck little pieces of the people dinner.  Two years later, Thanksgiving was celebrated in the same location and when the people moved to the dinner table my cat pro-actively place herself beside my sister's chair.  (My sister lives a few states away, so there is not a whole lot of between holiday interaction from the cat's perspective.)
I have linked to stories before of pets finding their way home, but sometimes, it takes a little interaction, possibly even from a daytime TV judge.  The link includes the video of the whole segment, so, if you are already sold, feel free to click now. The dog in question disappeared after a day left in the backyard of his person's mom's house.  A few days later a woman bought a dog from a lady in the mall.  A few months later, the sister of the bereft dog owner saw a dog in a woman's car that looked just like the missing dog and responded when she called him by name.  She spoke to the current owner who said it couldn't be the missing dog, she had taken it to a vet who thought it might be mixed breed and older than the missing dog, despite the remarkable similarities in appearance.  So Judge Judy had them bring the dog into the courtroom, and I have to say I found the dog's reaction as heartwarming as you might expect.