Monday, May 21, 2012

7 Things About TV

This is one of those times when those of us who care a lot about TV are full of news and those who have what might be considered a more balanced level of attention to TV think all the good stuff is ending until the fall. I already did my goodbye to "Chuck" and technically "Eureka" hasn't quite ended, so I'll save those ruminations. But here are some other thoughts about rumblings, cancellations and endings.
1. I have not yet watched the British "Prime Suspect" but the American version proved that it's not just comedies that can find their footing given enough episodes.  It was turning into something really fascinating as it got yanked.
2. I had mostly opted out of "House" but man, those first few seasons are amazing.  I think it's time had come, but it was still a great thing.
3. I was late to the "Once Upon a Time" party, but caught up after the mid-season break, and really enjoyed it.  I think they suffer from an unwillingness to have more than two villains ever, but, appreciated that they managed to progress and yet have that lead to something really interesting. Sometimes it's a little too on the nose, but there is some fabulous acting going on there.
4. "Awake" was such an interesting show.  I wish we had gotten to see more of it.  I thought the looping of the cases in each world back to each other was being used really well.  
5. I rarely watched "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" live anymore, but find it a great comfort.  I also think it's a great example of a spin off show being so completely different in tone and attitude from it's parent show. 
6. I'm happy that "Community" will be returning.  (And many of my other favorite shows.)  I don't know what it means that it will have a new showrunner.  I'm hoping it finds a good stride. 
7. "The Sing Off"  made me happy each year.  I did worry that moving it from holiday season (where everything else is in re-runs) to the fall would kill it, and it appears that might have been it. But I am so glad I got to see a tiny sampling of the a capella that's out there right now.  And I look forward to Pentatonix's album.