Friday, May 04, 2012

April in Review

I sort of knew stuff was stacking up in April, and managed to avoid looking at the whole month until just before it started.  (This is only a wise practice if one small minor freakout will take care of you. And even the, YMMV.)  Crazily, I even added a trip (although only after another trip got shifted and well, I did turn down one that landed on the exact days of another one).
So, just for fun I put together these numbers. 
I was off more days from my day job than I was on.  (This is hilarious in part because I had maxed out my time off accrual at work, and I still have a ton left.   And yes, this calculation does include weekends.)
I was in three different states and DC.  I could add in all the ones I travelled through, but let's move on. 
I took approximately six cab rides, which is so much more than normal.  (In fact, that is often my yearly average.)
I paid my taxes early.  Hate that.  Was worried with travelling I might miss the date.
I used three different metro/subway systems.  (Sorry, PA, it would have been four if you hadn't cut your regional so much.)
I actually utilized planes, trains and automobiles.
Some of these trips I kept the writing mojo going, and some, nope.
My knitting mojo took a huge hit.
My TV watching took a huge hit.  I am so spoiled about the accoutrements that ease my finding and viewing things, I tend to give up and only watch the morning news while travelling, if that.
The reading mojo did well, and not just because two of these trips involved free books.
Saw three movies (which brings my year to four which is already more than last year).
I cannot even begin to count the number of people I saw.  Not all the trips were for happy reason, though most of them were.  And all provided opportunities to catch up with folks and reconnect, even if not quite with everyone I had hoped too.  And now for May I think I shall catch up on my sleep.