Monday, June 13, 2011

Darkness Is

This weekend I read two YA books, one I loved and one that made me, even in my thirties, feel talked down to.  The thing about YA, is that good books are good books, just like childrens, or middle grade or adult with all its many genre's. 
Thanks to the many tweeple who passed on the link to Sherman Alexie's moving piece about how YA books are written in blood, speaking of meeting a teen with his own dilemna, "I could offer that young man nothing but my empathy and the promise of more books about teenagers rescuing themselves from the adults who seek to control and diminish him."
And also, Judy Blume's excerpted from her introduction to Places I Never Meant to Be, speaking of facing an editor who wanted to tame down a segment of a book, so that it wouldn't get challenged.