Monday, June 06, 2011

7 Things: The Walk for the Cure Edition

1. This past weekend was the DC (area) Race/Walk for the Cure put on by the Komen foundation.
2. I was asked how many times I had done this walk, and confess I was trying to count by t-shirts or scarves, and finally came to places I lived and left for the race from to come up with at least seven, possibly eight or nine.
3. For whatever reason (well, okay, there is some methodology) we always seem to plan to meet the other walkers by a fountain.
4. The first year I did it, one friend asked later if we actually knew anyone who'd had breast cancer.  My other friend and I both had a co-worker and a family friend (same co-worker, different family friends).  This year, I added a new person to the list on the back of my shirt, but the good news is more of them are survivors (than, you know, no longer survivors).
5. I can only hope that the people carrying their company's signs were getting paid. 
6. The number of people wearing pictures of their loved ones seems to get bigger every year. 
7. Some good news was announced this weekend concerning cancer, here's hoping things continue that way.