Tuesday, May 03, 2011

WRW Retreat - In the Company of Writers

Parts of the WRW retreat have been tweeted (by me and others) and parts are supposed to stay there.  But I will say, that for someone that makes it to a small number of my chapter's events, the retreat reminds me why I love this chapter.  (Not that this was terribly in doubt.) 
Kristan Higgins spoke wonderfully about how being a writer is like being Sean Connery in "The Untouchables".  There was food, appointments (one of which I had on the move since the person had left their phone in their hotel room and could hear the phantom beeps calling too them), gatherings in the bar and wonderful workshops.  Sherrilyn Kenyon made us all a little misty (and the super efficient waiters paused in their cleanup she was so moving) talking about how writing careers (possibly especially paranormal ones) are never dead unless you give up. 
There was romance jeopardy about which I believe I am supposed to be vague - except to explain that the game is not fair, and we did not quite win although I did get a green lantern-esque rubber duckie, so I am happy.  And Cathy Maxwell spoke wonderfully at the end about how going to these things where people think writing is a normal thing to do with your time is great and to hold on to that feeling.