Monday, May 16, 2011

Stitching and Pitching Again

I took my non-fibre-manipulating friend along to Stitch and Pitch again.  We had worried that the weather might be unfavorable, but, other than being a little chillier than one might expect, it wasn't bad.  And this year's closer-to-the-action section, placed us underneath an overhang, so had it done more than spit occasionally, we were well protected.  (It also put us farther away from the lights, which as darkness falls attract the expected light seeking bugs, who crispy critter themselves and plunge down on those in the seats beneath.)
The vendor area was also closer, which was great, if terribly dangerous those first few innings where I may have filled up my Washington Nationals bag with goodies.  Cashmere, silk, faux cashmere, I'm not clear how I was supposed to resist.  I worked on a sweater, while watching the game which, as it grew a little chillier, turned out to be a pretty good choice to have draped over one's lap. 
This year we did not seem to be near any last minute ticket purchasers who were confused why people all had yarn.  There seemed to be an interesting music choice during the salute to the troops moment.  I have been informed that Cee-lo has a version of said song entitled "Thank you" so I shall assume that someone accidentally queued up the wrong Cee-lo song. 
The game was competitive right to the end.  And no new extra inning records (which while nice to be a part of, it was a little chilly for me to wish to repeat, especially given the tales my red line compatriots had about getting home after). 
So, another great event.