Monday, May 02, 2011

The Roller Coaster Ride

This was a weird weekend.  The day job had a big deadline and yet I also knew I needed (wanted) to be in Leesburg for the start of my chapter's writer's retreat so I lugged my laptop with me and headed out to Leesburg at lunch time (before the traffic got, you know, normal for Friday rush hour traffic) and worked in Leesburg for the afternoon.  Then, I swapped on the writer hat and went into retreat mode (more on the parts I am allowed to share about that later) and did that (while checking in with the day job periodically) for much of the weekend. 
We finished up with that about lunch time, and since the weather had gotten a little cooler and a little damper than I had been promised when I packed, I headed to the nearby outlets so I could get some leggings and lunch before heading to a watch a friend - the person who had in fact recruited me to working with the youth one fateful night about eight years ago - become an ordained minister.  It was a surprisingly moving experience, including the laying of hands, which I would describe as a very orderly group hug.  And then, I got to go home and sit and catch up on my TV and such only to discover on Twitter (what, I was watching HGTV) that there was a big announcement coming.
So, quite a gamut of emotions going.