Monday, April 05, 2010

Well, That's Different

Note: Contains reference to a racist sports team name.
Well, That's Different
I have always been a football fan, but not so much a trade and draft fan.  I watch only tiny portions of pre-season games.  It's not that I'm only a fan from September to February, it's that I have chosen not to spend much time and energy on the business side of the games.  Now certainly, I heard about the coaching switch.  And I knew there were discussions about a change at quarterback.  Not that either of those things are unusual Redskins type news, we are the team that has had a ridiculous number of quarterbacks and coaches in the past decades.  In fact, part of my sadness in this news is not for Donovan McNabb who gets to leave Philly beloved*, and come here where he is already generating lots of excitement, but for Jason Campbell who provided us the longest consistency at quarterback since Gus Frerotte**, and now has some choices to make.  Either way, the Redskins are once again proving stellar at shaking things up.

*Yeah, okay, Philly is fickle, so not entirely beloved.
**Yes, Patrick Ramsey had a long stint too.  But his was more at backup even though he started a number of years.