Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh my!

On a training call at work, as we were waiting for everyone to dial in, one person had clearly picked up another line and had the, let's call it the hey-baby voice going. We heard (essentially, I was not taking notes)
"Hi...Yeah, I hear ya...Oh, really?...Yeah, that sounds great. I wish we were off an island right now. In fact let's just run off to an island together....Yeah...We should, we should."
Now, several of us were a little worried the conversation was headed in a NSFW direction. At the mention of the island, one person said loudly, trying to get dude's attention, "I'll go to an island with you." No clear response. Shortly after, the facilitator - again loudly - reminded everyone to mute their phones and that seemed to work. Either that or someone who knew the voice had IM'd the person to let them know.
But, at least (or, who knows, it might have been more entertaining) he wasn't leaving a nutbar message like these!
H/T to Smart Bitches.