Thursday, August 06, 2009

Dear Folks #23: The Job Hunt

Dear College Graduates,
I have to imagine that some of you know this already, but apparently some of you, this one in particular, are a little confused. College will do many things for you. It will give you the opportunity to hone skills in research and writing and analysis. It can give you greater access to knowledge pertaining to a certain field. And for some fields it is even a requirement. Here's what you are guaranteed when you get a college degree: a college degree. That's it. Sorry, if you thought there was also a magical portal that led to riches.
I wouldn't trade my college experience anything, but when I graduated I still had to put together a resume and pound the pavement. And I was fortunate that I was not doing this at a time when unemployment was reaching new heights, and I was fortunate that my parents were willing to let me move back in with them until I got everything stabilized. And I interviewed and took tests and talked to folks about my job search and I took some childcare jobs so I had money to keep me going until the magical big job arrived. (And there wasn't one magical big job - there was one interesting job, and then another when that first company got bought out, and then another and so on.)
So, if you were say, an average student, and you've been looking for three months,
that isn't a failure. Not of you, certainly not of you career advancement center.
And, by the way, now when prospective employers google you (and they will) they are
going to find that you appear to be a bit fast with the lawsuit. So, I wish you the
best of luck in your job search. I'm not sure how suing the people who were helping
you solves the job problem, but you certainly have boosted your web searchability.
Wishes she had the luxury of being "above" the jobs that are available.
H/T to the Rubbernecker who provided this link.