Sunday, August 16, 2009

Don't Light a Match

I hesitate to make fun, particularly since water engineering is not an area I understand (beyond when I turn the tap, water should come out), but WASA's response to repeated concerns about water pressure, particularly in light of another major fire where firefighters were hampered by less than desirable amounts of water, that topography is an issue crack me up. So- anywhere there's a hill we just have to hope there's no fire? Are the aware that DC is almost entirely hills? I mean, we may not be San Francisco but pretty much if you go north, it's uphill until you hit Tenleytown (which is the highest point in DC). So, WASA has released a list of places where water pressure might be an issue and basically, it's kinda big. Fortunately the fire department states they have a contingency. But, maybe lets just not have any fires, mmkay?