Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Think of it as Cosbyesque

I purchased some Noro Taiyo, a yummy cotton blend that I loved immediately. It's a bulky yarn and, as it happens, I had the Abrazo pattern queued up. The Taiyo knits up a bit smaller, so I put more stitches between the cables and followed the instructions for a larger size.
I also shifted the cables just a smidge in the chestal region in what was originally an attempt to place them a little wider, but actually I think creates a slimming effect. (And if it doesn't don't tell me. La, la, la.)
The lighting in these photos is not the best, but I am too lazy to fix that right now.
At one point, possibly later than I should have been knitting, I discovered I had screwed up one cable on the left side. A few cables ago.
Bad Cable 1
So, I did this:
Taiyo Cable error.
And re-crossed it and knitted back up with the help of some DPNs.
But the end result was worth it.
Taiyo Vest 1

Taiyo Vest 2