Tuesday, November 04, 2008

No Lines

I voted. (Yay me!) And since I had a new phone to play with, a stocked ipod and a knitting project to assist me through any delays, there were none. Of course it helped that I arrived at 2:30 - post-lunch pre-most folks after work times - even the various folks out to last minute badger me were mostly gone or on their cells. (One guy made a suggestion which I ignored, although he was very polite about it. Sorry, dude.)
One election worker was too shy to tell another voter to remove her button, but another worker stepped in and did it.(The voter had forgotten it was there, and happily placed it in her bag.)
DC has machines this year, though I opted for the handy dandy pencil version. (Hey, if it's good enough for "Eureka"...)
In case you haven't heard, donuts, coffee and ice cream are available today if you mention voting specials. Yum.