Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Seen on the Street

I was headed toward Columbia Heights last night and passed a condo building that has an enclosed grassy area often in use by various dogs and their owners. A woman was in their with two dogs, who were bounding around off leash. A woman and her dog were walking by on the sidewalk when one of the dogs in the fenced in area decided to assert his territory running over and barking at the dog walking by. It sufficiently concerned the walking by dog such that he* decided the other side of the street was a better place to be. Unfortunately he was going fast and hard enough that he yanked the leash out of his walker's hands before bounding across the street right as a car turned from the main road onto the street. Fortunately the car noticed either the dog or the distraught walker and stopped immediately and the dog and walker were reunited. The person with the barking dog had grabbed collars on both her dogs and apologized (I thought rather nicely, especially considering it was fairly normal dog behavior on all sides.) So, a happy ending for all.

*I did not make any effort to properly determine the gender of any of the dogs.