Tuesday, April 08, 2008

More Harlot

The Yarn Harlot was in Annapolis last night and I was there. (I can just feel my cool quotient expanding.) I got there about six and snagged some chairs across the atrium from where the Harlot would be standing. (Turns out the speaker was kind of obscuring the view, but it was fine. In fact, if you have great eyesight and check the picture on her blog, I am the person in the first Annapolis picture who is taking of picture of the pictures.)
The Yarn Harlot photographs the crowd
The Harlot talked about losing her luggage in Atlanta, but how - using the measure of naked in Calgary as the low point - still better.
The Harlot talked about how when people discover you are a knitter it befuddles them because knitters fail to fall into neat categories, despite people's attempts to force them to. And that as humans we like things in definable categories. She mentioned this also is what drives a lot of knitting and yarn retailers to drink since no matter what you offer, about half the knitters are bound to tell you it is crap.
The Harlot spoke of studies proving that repetitive actions make you smarter, happier and better able to handle stress. One study in particular mentioned that they weren't sure what to do with this since it supposedly (they said) would not be practical to carry around "emergency knitting".
She talked about her friend Denny knitting in a doctor's office and having another person tell her that she was glad she had never been bored enough to knit. Denny responded that she was grateful she knit, since it kept her from being so bored that she insulted strangers.
I was number 168 in line and waited happily knitting away (Parthenope still, I'm being fairly loyal so far and have made it to the second skein). The harlot complimented my nutty Greenjeans, which I will possibly be mentioning to people for some time. I met lovely people while waiting and listening and in line - none of who's names I remember. (But all of you - lovely.) I do recall a lovely princess child who was just a bit ahead in line, and she will likely make a blog appearance, so we'll hold out for that.
Yarn Harlot - can see the end of the signing line
And, as always, when surrounded by knitters, I learned something amazing. The Fibre Company has a stand at Sheep and Wool. In my blitzkrieg approach last year I missed a lot of things - but this is the one that has cemented for me that no matter how much I think I have enough yarn (for a while) - still must go to Sheep and Wool.