Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Smith Island Cake!

I have this fascination with the things that get designated state so-and-so's. For example, Maryland, the state drink - is milk. Now I like milk. (Goes great in tea!) But honestly, Maryland, to my knowledge, is not a particularly large milk producer. I don't think Marylanders drink more milk than other people. But hey, they can make their drink whatever they want.
Well, now Maryland has an official dessert. Yes, as referenced in the title it is the Smith Island cake, which was apparently conceived by original settlers in Maryland.
I am not going to wonder overlong, how my relative proximity to Maryland, my even living in Maryland for several years, I somehow missed the memo on the Smith Island cake. But it is an eight to ten layer cake with frosting separating the layers. The yellow cake with chocolate seems to be considered the standard, but clearly in the last few hundred years, there have been several variations.
I tend to be one of the people that eats around the frosting, but this frosting sounds pretty good. Hmmm. Maybe I'll be doing some baking.

Info about Maryland stuff here.
The Smith Island website has a recipe here.