Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Insurance Giggles

When working on some of the more mundane benefits related tasks, I sometimes struggle to find things that make it - well - less mundane. So thanks to those of you who designate yourself as the beneficiary for your life insurance because (while recognizing the you were likely understandably confused by the terminology) this never ceases to amuse me.
And for those who might still be wondering the beneficiary is the term for the person(s) to whom your life insurance payout would go, in the event you pass away. So, sadly, you will not be around to enjoy this, much as you might wish to be. I also find twisted joy in the people who have a $5,000 policy and divide it between eight people. Since one assumes that part of what these people need to do is pay for your funeral - that $600 a piece, while very generous of you, is not going to help them much.
Yes, it is a good thing I don't believe in hell.