Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Into the (Stylish) Ether

I recognize that I am a tiny (if loyal) portion of the "Project Runway" audience. But, nonetheless I offer my thoughts. If it was up to me...
*More designer background. Why is it that I know more about some of the eliminated designers than the finalists? I found out Christian was from Annapolis by reading an interview. Why was his family visit edited out? I like that stuff. I don't necessarily want road to the runway back - at that point there are simply so many designers (sorry, guys) but the home visits were strangely skewed.
*More model switching. I understand the value in giving the winner some sort of advantage. But the winner, is in most cases going to stick with the model they were using. So, let everyone else choose. Or let the models choose. (That rocked!) More opportunities so that people don't all end up with the first or second model they ever got.
*Keep up the great range of challenges. I find it sort of funny that so many got upset that menswear was hard (I don't doubt that it is) and yet few seem to complain about using food or recyclables. Depending on your post-shaw direction, it certainly seems much more likely you'd be called upon to do menswear.
*Reward those who do follow the constraints. Jack, the winner of the menswear challenge this year didn't have three pieces, as others did. Jillian used candy in the Hershey's challenge and yet lost to someone who used more fabric-like material. It's not just this season - last season in the first challenge, Keith won when used a sheet when other's used furniture or even coffee filters. I am certainly not saying reward bad design - but if the top three includes only one person who stayed with the intent of the challenge, it seems they should be rewarded for that.
*Do something about the reunion show. It's fun to see folks, it is mildly amusing to watch the clip cycles. But really, if you are going to barely let anyone answer the questions that get raised, it's just a waste of everyone's time.