Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hey, I'm better when it's book

So - sorry - yeah - um, Smart Bitches and Dear Author created a March Madness for books. And since I don't follow college sports (never having gone to a college with sports, lived in a big college sports town, and you know, those college kids turn over faster than pre-lockout hockey players) I have never participated in March Madness pool type things. I know you don't have to actually follow the sport to do that, and that people who don't often do better, but, no, I want to lose because no one could have predicted that upset not because I picked the prettier uniform.
Well, the first round is in and I'm at 70% (which makes me tied for 63rd place with a gazillion people, but still). How cool is that.

ETA: I am not unaware that I am already screwed by the results of the first round. I'm just enjoying that fact that I didn't totally suck.