Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Things I Don't Get

To each his or her own. Really, I do mean that. However, there are things that, to me, do not make sense. I understand that some people choose not to wear underwear. (Some people really want everyone to know they are wearing underwear but that is a whole other topic.)
And while, personally, I am a little more concerned about things like gravity and laundry and ending up on some website with parts of me I didn't choose to share with the world on display, I understand that others are less worried about this, and that's great. And some people find bras or underpants constricting, which I can also see.
But how is adhesive less constricting? How is having something stuck to you more comfortable than fabric? And now I learn that not only are people using adhesive in place of bras but there are bits for those who are sans underpants. Now, to be fair, those seem to be designed to stick to your pants, thereby alleviating my laundry concern, but I feel certain that some people are using these with skirts, and ew. Your choice, but, ew. And I am totally trying to avoid talking about the removal, because how is that an acceptable trade-off for anything?