Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ocean Love

Despite my stated love for cool colors, and ocean colors, I had not realized what a rut I was in. Don't get me wrong, nothing will stop me from thinking that blues and greens are awesome and flattering and pretty, but I may consider making an effort to expand my color repertoire. (My purchased wardrobe demonstrates better range).
I brought two projects with me on my short trip. Both new, in part because I had reached a crucial point with another that was already cast on that was going to make it a bad traveler and because I had pretty, pretty yarn!
The one that got the most attention was the Cherie Amour pattern. I had picked out some ocean colored Manos and a complimentary solid that I knew wanted to be something. The lacy bit is exciting enough to be fun, but easy enough to do while multi-tasking. (I was in well-lit areas, use your judgment for movie theaters and such.) It was fun on the plane. It was fun the next day when taking notes was overloading my brain but knitting helped me focus just enough. It was great when we sat in the library at the hotel chatting, relaxing, and later drinking. It was so great I paid no attention to the change to ribbing (where I had originally planned to change to the solid yarn) and kept going until running out of yarn on the first multi-ball forced me to stop. (So, it doesn't look quite as well planned, I am fine with this.)
Cherie Amour - In progress
The bottom bit is knit on big needles so the visible progress is really rewarding. And I love that most of the shaping is done by switching to smaller needles for ribbing.
The only snag I see up ahead is sleeves. I still don't like them. But maybe big lacy sleeves will be more fun. I started off thinking I could cheat on the sleeves, make them smaller or something, but I think the proportions would look funny with little sleeves. But that's a while.