Monday, April 03, 2006

TMI: I Have a Fat Lip

Sunday morning I wake up feeling groggy. Which in the newly pollenated spring is not unusual. I go to the bathroom, and what do I see? My lip looks weird (which also about the time I notice it feels weird - sometimes it works like that.) I stare at it until comprehension dawns (I am not a morning person, okay). The left side of my upper lip is swollen. Thereby giving me this lovely I got a bad Botox job but only on one half of one lip look. It's fabulous. It ruins what little symmetry my lips had. It also makes smiling a bit difficult. (But not talking, so there's at least that.)

Since I have not recently encountered and fists or doors, I am a bit stumped. I do have (as I look closer) a lovely bump underneath my nostril. So, my current working theory is that I have a bug bite that I have reacted strongly enough to that it caused my lip to swell. (Although a quick web search has revealed, in addition to the bug bit theory, a number of lovely conditions - both chronic and acute - that I could be suffering from). So I purchased a non-drowsy (HA!) antihistamine and iced it throughout Sunday.

And today it looks - pretty much the same. Fortunately it doesn't hurt unless I do things like lean over so that blood rushes to my head. And the occasional throbbing moments. But, I really hoped it would magically resolve itself overnight. Instead it looks like I have to wait at least a week to see if it resolves on its own. After that, if it's not, then its time for the big guns.

4/4/2006 - UPDATE - Cautiously optimistic. My lip has gone down to Gelfling size. So, hopefully another day or two and we will back to normal.