Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Things People Should Know

I was scanning the headline and came across this story: Bus driver cautioned for sex in school grounds. And there are things people should just know.
For example, if you are a school bus driver (or a bus driver of any kind for that matter, but it seems this should be especially apparent when one is a school bus driver), that there is no situation in which it would be appropriate to have sex in the school bus. But especially (how many especially's is that now) when the bus is parked on school grounds. Of an elementary school.
Now, the driver in question has resigned. (And rightfully so). And apparently the bus in question (and let me digress for a moment and ask - a bus?) was not a traditional school bus. It was a double decker bus that had been used that day to transport children to school. And the incident occurred after the children had been safely dropped off. Which therefore meant there were many, many other places to park the bus should sex on the bus fulfill some burning desire.
Because parking it back in front of the school where children and teachers peering out the windows could see that something was going on. Not too bright.