Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Let me confess from the start. I really don't watch "American Idol". But, I do have the latest Kelly Clarkson album. So, I clicked on the article that I saw today stating that Kelly Clarkson is refusing to allow her music to be used on the show.

Now I am the first person to go out there and say you have to remember where you came from. When Kylie Minogue (who I never really liked anyway - true) started dissing the stupidity of her early music I did not see that as self awareness or self-deprecation or whatever she may have been going for. No, it's fine to say you've grown, but don't diss the music and therefore the fans who got you started. A perfect example of doing this correctly (in my opinion) is Madonna. Her early music is very different from her more recent stuff. But I have never heard her talk trash about the early years, she just says she was is a place in her life where that was how she chose to express herself and wasn't that wonderful and today she is in a different place.

But to get back to Kelly Clarkson - buried way down in the article - well after the dissing from Simon Cowell - was the point that Kelly may not even be aware of this decision. How is that possible? Well, my guess is because Kelly doesn't actually have the rights to the songs she sings since she didn't write them. So, it is the copyright holder who's permission was asked for. And it is the copyright holder who has decided not to allow licensing of the music.

And since Simon has worked in the music industry - he should know this. Now it is possible that he does know this and was simply trying to suggest that Kelly should respect her fans by appealing to the appropriate folks. But, if so - shouldn't he have said that?

Edited to add: Apparently a deal is being worked out between the appropriate folks and some songs will be available. Which is not a shock since in the previews on last night's episode one of the contestants was singing "Since You've Been Gone".