Thursday, January 19, 2006

Not Really Vintage After All

Okay, so like many people, I watch award shows in small part with my unearned fashion judge hat on. And I have a soft spot for Reese Witherspoon (I have adored her since "Man in the Moon" and just wish her all sorts of good things) but that was not enough to make me like that silver and white boob splitter she wore to the globes. (For a picture and a more detailed description of what is wrong with the dress go here:

Well - now it turns out there is a bit of a scandal. Reese and her peeps were apparently told that the dress is/was vintage. Now first of all the word vintage is one of those words like pure and unique and ethnic that has been battered and beaten until nobody really knows what it means anymore. But I think we can agree that in this scenario the expectation is that vintage meant the dress was from a prior line and hinted that it was likely from at least a decade ago.

Well it turns out the dress is from about three years ago, because that's when Kirsten Dunst wore it to something or other. Which has caused a scandal of sorts (of the not really a scandal sort if you ask me but, I am still typing about it so what do I know) due to two things. The first being the potential faux paus inherent in Reese wearing something that had already been worn. Even though the rest of us live in a world where other people can buy and wear the same stuff that I wear - this is considered possibly tacky when red carpets are involved. Also, the question seems to have been raised whether Reese was lying or simply mis-informed about the vintage of her dress.

Well, her people have confirmed that they had been told the dress was vintage and that they had not been informed by the Chanel people that the dress had been worn to another picture-worthy event by a famous person. And that while it was a regrettable error (although I think the error was that two separate people were both deluded enough to find it flattering, but I digress) they will continue to consider Chanel in the future for fashion. Well, that's a relief.