Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Jaywalking Rules

I recognize that there are times in life, when due to circumstances jaywalking may be or seem preferable and/or more expedient than crossing at the designated time with the light. As a walker I have on rare occasions been known to do it myself. As a driver, it often - well - drives me crazy. So I have a list of rules that should help make it better for us all.

  • Be aware of the progression of lights at the intersection. Often people will decide to start walking because they can't see who has a green light from where they are standing. But it may be that there is a green turn signal and they are walking right into the traffic.
  • Don't attempt jaywalking if you cannot move quickly. If you have a walking aid or other physical restraint - jaywalking is not a good idea. It is also not a good idea when you are carrying a heavy or awkward load or when pushing a stroller. And don't walk in a leisurely fashion.
  • Be extra cautious when visibility is lower. Remember, cars that can't see you - won't stop for you. So if it is dark or rainy or foggy, you need to take additional care.
  • Remember you are the one breaking the rules. Not the cars who are progressing through their green light. You didn't want to wait, which means you do not have the right of way.